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Activities to Spice Up Thanksgiving

A thankful graffic composed of cardboard cutouts and

We hope you’re excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, whether you’re relaxing in your apartment or venturing elsewhere in or out of Madison, WI. Today the Domain Blog has a few ideas for activities you can try this Thanksgiving for a fun, productive, bonding time with anyone you’re celebrating with. Try one out for an extra meaningful holiday!

Get active.

The average American eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving day. Do what you can to cut down on your portion sizes so you can eat happily and without regret later on in the day. But make an activity out of being health-conscious by going on a run, walk, or hike in the morning. You can even try the annual Madison Turkey Trot to get yourself in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Being active will not only wake you up, but it will have you feeling productive, healthy, and ready for the day, putting you in the mindset to take care of your body as you eat. It’s also simply a fun activity to do with friends or relatives.

Make a thankful craft.

Keep your mind on gratitude for the holiday of giving thanks. It’s easy to gloss over talking about what you’re thankful for when all your fellow diners can think of is getting that slice of pie. But if you have something to do while you eat or socialize that also encourages acknowledging your blessings, that’s a great activity to include in your celebrations.

For example, you can opt for butcher paper instead of a plastic tablecloth and have your guests write down what they’re thankful for as they eat or wait for food to be ready. However you craft it, being creative is a great way to make the most of an often sluggish holiday.

Have a scavenger hunt.

If you or your dinner mates will be waiting most of the day for the food to all be ready, consider doing a gratitude scavenger hunt to kill the time! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — you can simply have people make lists of things that make them or others happy, things that make people laugh, or types of items they’re grateful for. Then have them search for those things in the apartment community and document their findings by taking photos. It will be great to compare the results!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out. We hope you have a fun and happy Thanksgiving!