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How to Be More Grateful

A woman with hands clasped to her heart

It’s always a great idea to strive for personal improvement, and now is a great time to hone in and focus on gratitude, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Try these effective tips, principles, and ideas for becoming more grateful, in or out of your Domain apartment in Madison, WI.

Don’t ignore the negative.

Life isn’t always all sunshine and roses, but that doesn’t have to derail your efforts for self-improvement. In fact, ignoring the negative can be harmful to you and your mental health, and it’s not being honest with yourself or reality. Let yourself grieve or mourn the difficult so you can learn from it and empower yourself by growing.

Write down your thoughts.

Start a gratitude journal this month, if you don’t already have one or if you’re not in the habit of keeping it. It can be as easy as filling up an old, unused notebook, or you can buy a gratitude journal so you have a specific space to write in and hold yourself accountable to. Write down one, two, or three things a day that you are grateful for. It can be simple, metaphorical, abstract, introspective, or focused simply on something beautiful about the world. Let yourself develop and focus on all of these things so you can find ways to have a grateful heart, no matter the situation.

Mind your words.

Help yourself stay in a mindset that encourages positive and thankful thinking by watching what you say. You can keep your personality and your passions alive even while speaking respectfully and proudly. So find ways to build or repair relationships that are important to you, while still staying respectful, true to yourself, and kind. It might take a lot of practicing, listening, sympathizing, and saying “I’m sorry” — and it will definitely be worth it for the impact it leaves.

What habits help you become more of a grateful person? Share your wisdom and any experiences you’ve learned from in the comments! Thanks for reading. Good luck!