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Pet Halloween Costumes You Have to Try

dog in a Halloween costume

Domain is a pet-friendly community, and we want to celebrate these friends by giving you ideas on dressing them up for Halloween this year. Enjoy your holiday in or out of your apartment here in Madison, WI, and have fun dressing up your pets!

Beanie Baby Pet

This costume is super simple, smart, and sweet! Throw it back to your childhood this Halloween by cuddling up with your favorite life-size beanie baby. Just fold up some cardboard, cut out a heart shape, paint it red, and paste some colored paper cutouts to form the classic tag. Tie it to your pet’s collar or tie a makeshift collar around their neck to secure it.

The Mystery Machine

This is a cute group costume you can put together easily, especially if you happen to have clothes that might fit the other Scooby Doo characters. (And if you don’t, you can buy them online or at a nearby thrift shop with little hassle.) Make the Mystery Machine out of cardboard, paint, printouts of the logo and designs, glue, and construction paper. Give your pet a blue collar with the classic “SD” ID tag. That’s it! This low-cost idea is a great way to include your pup in your celebrations.

Unicorn Pet

Your pet can look and feel as mystical and magical as a unicorn by dressing up as one. The Live Colorful blog has a great tutorial with the rundown on all the supplies you’ll need for this fantastic costume. It’s simple and cute for any pet.


Give your pet a wig and a mermaid costume for this hilarious and adorable look inspired by your favorite little mermaid. The Disney Pets Instagram account also has plenty of other ideas for dressing up your pet in ways inspired by your favorite characters and films, so check that out for more ideas.

What will you dress up your pet as this year? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!